For clan discussions covering rare predatory fishes to exotic bottom feeders ... and all other peace-able ones in between

“All fishes are created equal, though some just more equal than others.” So says a true fish hobbyist defending the aquatic species close to his heart.

Here we dedicate this forum to serve true hobbyist communities to share, air, flare and bare their views on all matters relating to their latest tank pals. Be it aggressive snakeheads, or docile loaches; from community tetras to territorial cichlids; from carnivorous arowanas to algae-feeding plecos -- there is always some new pellet of fact to discover every day.

That is why we provide this avenue to join like-minded clans together to form a reliable network of information, titbits and supplements that will help further understand our favourite freshwater species.

From hereon, 2 choices await you. View the site as our honoured guest, albeit with limited access. Or Join The Clan for free as our member for a wider range of rights, privileges and access to spawn new threads.

This site ain’t for the faint-hearted, but for those all ready pumped and filtered for action !